Who Would Benefit From A Saliva Hormone Test?

TEENAGERS with PMS should do a saliva hormone test.

MEN who are concerned about being at risk for Prostate disease.

MEN who are concerned about Andropause, Male Menopause and declining hormone levels.

WOMEN who are concerned about declining hormone levels are encouraged to annually evaluate estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels to prevent osteoporosis and to monitor hormone levels for those who already have been diagnosed with osteoporosis.

WOMEN who would like to know if they are at risk for Breast Cancer. Dr. Zava has what he calls a Breast cancer profile. The breast cancer patient hormone profile we're seeing is high estradiol and testosterone, low progesterone and DHEA-S, and flat cortisol levels.

WOMEN with symptoms whose blood tests did not reveal a hormone challenge. But they still intuitively know they have a problem. The saliva hormone test often validates how we feel when blood tests do not.

WOMEN who have been on a progesterone cream and are not getting good results to determine if lack of absorption, weak cream, not using enough or using too much are the cause.

WOMEN who have been on ERT and HRT and are concerned that their estrogen/progesterone levels may be out of balance - putting them at risk for breast cancer.

WOMEN who are having problems getting pregnant. A saliva hormone test can reveal subnormal progesterone output, suggesting a possible reason for infertility.

WOMEN with a diagnosis of PCOS would benefit with a saliva hormone test during the second half of the menstrual cycle (luteal phase) assists in monitoring hormone levels while participating in a program to restore hormonal balance.


"Taking a saliva test was one of the best things that I have ever done. I suspected that my hormones were out of balance and the saliva test proved it and gave me the information I needed to rebalance my hormone levels. The Consultant who followed up with me was excellent!"
Debbie in FL

"I hadn’t heard of saliva tests until I watched the Hormone DVD. The symptoms talked about suggested that I needed to test first before starting a program. I am so glad I did as the test did reveal a hormone imbalance. The consultant who followed up with me helped me with a program and I now feel great! Sleeping through the night!! "
Janice in CO

"I love saliva testing because this is something that I can do myself and use to monitor my hormones for the rest of my life. The Consultant who followed up with me gave me all the information I requested and more. "
Charlotte in TX