In-Home Saliva Hormone Testing: The Results Speak For Themselves!

"I'm 57 years old & post-menopausal since 1995. So why a hormonal program now? Guess what?!! Hormones will affect me till the day I die. Watching the "Let's Talk About Hormones” DVD has helped me so much! I started with a hormone saliva test which revealed the state of my hormones. Since my hormones were out of balance I began a program to restore balance. My energy level as gone up, no more night sweats, thinning hair regrowing, etc. I'm healthy & happy! What more can I ask for!"

E Prevost, Kitchener ON

"The reason I am writing is to say thank you for creating such a brilliant program beginning with the saliva hormone test for Women’s Health.

Years ago I was struggling with irregular periods or none at all as well as infertility issues. I have to admit that I was skeptical at best when first introduced to this hormone balancing program. How could something so simple even begin to fix my problems? Well here is the living proof! I have been having regular cycles for just over one year now and …I am very excited to say “I am pregnant!” And … without the use of fertility drugs! After using drugs for our first two children, my husband and I never thought we could conceive naturally and we were pleasantly surprised!

I am forever grateful for you and your team's dedication to Women’s Health. Thank you so much!"


"I am so grateful I heard of your DVD on Balancing Hormones. I am 48 years old and for the last several years have unsuccessfully tried to make sense of the world of hormones. I have made some personal decisions around whether to take estrogen or address perimenopausal and soon menopausal issues through synthetic or natural strategies.

I have never heard these things explained as clearly and succinctly as they are in your DVD and CD. I am definitely planning to spread the word amongst my community of women. And, I do now feel very confident about working a strategy with my doctor. Thank you again."

Suzanne E.- Seattle,WA

"In April, 2004 I was diagnosed with Focal Complex Hyperplasia.The gynecologist strongly suggested that a complete hysterectomy was the only solution to the problem. Putting the severity of the condition on a 1-10 scale (10 being cancerous),the doctor labeled it at about 5 or 6. After viewing "Let's Talk About Hormones" I immediately decided to take the saliva hormone test. I canceled the surgery and went on a full program to balance my hormones. Exactly one year later, I had a complete medical exam with another ultra sound. The doctor reported that everything looked normal and healthy with no sign of hyperplasia.

Thank you for making your knowledge known to women around the country. I am forever grateful."

Rosella Willock, SK

Medical Professionals Speak About The "Let's Talk About Hormones" DVD

Women need to watch "Let's Talk About Hormones" because they need to be self-informed. There are a lot of women out there who are not receiving the proper treatment for their hormonal imbalances.

Dr. David Zava, Ph.D., Biochemist, Breast Cancer Researcher.
Co-Author with Dr. John Lee of “What Your Doctor May Not Tell
You About Breast Cancer.”

Jackie Harvey’s “Heart-To-Heart" presentation is professional and right to the point. She has a unique ability to effectively inspire and communicate a life-changing message for all women. “Let’s Talk About Hormones” is an excellent introduction to an easy-to-follow practical solution for safely restoring healthy hormone balance and … best of all, I know it works!

Dr. John R. Lee, Physician, Best Selling Author of the books “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Menopause” and “What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Breast Cancer.”

This DVD is a valuable educational resource. It deserves the attention of every woman who is faced with hormone related issues. The program offers a practical, risk-free, scientifically valid plan of dietary and lifestyle change which will give women the opportunity to take a pro-active stance toward balancing hormones and overcoming estrogen dominance. I highly recommend “Let’s Talk About Hormones” with Jackie Harvey.

Dr. Barend Grobbelaar - Family Practice

"The information in “Let’s Talk About Hormones” brings into clear focus the issue of estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency. It is logical and clearly presented for easy understanding.

Hormone imbalance is responsible for many of the chronic illnesses previously thought to be untreatable. Using the simple suggestions on this DVD, women are now empowered to take control of their health in a new way.

I encourage my clients to use this DVD to educate their families, friends and even their health care practitioners.

The "Let’s Talk About Hormones" DVD brings hope where there was no hope and a plan where there was no plan. Excellent!"

Susan Krautter, BScN, Holistic Nurse / Counselor

"People don’t wake up one morning suddenly with a hormone imbalance. It has taken time for an imbalance to occur and it takes time to get well again. The Hormone Health Program is simple, easy to follow and tremendously effective. We have seen it work over and over again. Proper evaluation using saliva testing is paramount as it clearly indicates the degree of the imbalance. Restoring balance is then a matter of reducing toxicity in the body through healthy nutrition, healthy lifestyle habits and healthy supplementation."

Denise Meilleur, RHN, RNCP

More Great Testimonials - "Let's Talk About Hormones" Seminars

"A bunch of us from school went to Jackie Harvey’s Women’s Health Seminar last night. What a fabulous presentation – she spoke professionally, yet personally while conveying her message of understanding and restoring hormone balance. If you ever have an opportunity to attend one of her sessions – I would highly recommend it.

For myself - it was a confirmation of the many health theories that I follow; for others it was a real eye opener. It was wonderful to see my friends / coworkers open their eyes to understanding their health issues, and how it is affected by their hormone levels and to learn what they can do to help themselves. This seminar is a “must see” for all women."

Corrine J. - Grade 2 Teacher - Peterborough, ON

"I have been on this journey for a very long time. I had been suffering all the classic symptoms of menopause and wanted to know more about what was happening to my body. I attended one of your “Let's Talk About Hormones” seminars, and “wow” a whole new world opened up for me. Not only was it informative, but also a caring, compassionate time, with so much sharing of new information.

They explained how to purchase the Saliva Test and gave me information on how to perform the test. I was constantly assured that I was not alone and given time I would certainly feel better. I was given suggestions on which books to read, the right foods to eat and guidance on natural supplementation. I always had support. They did their best to answer my questions. I can’t say enough of the “Help For Hormones support team. I have been taught to try new approaches to alleviate my out of control hormones. Our community is fortunate to have women mentors who offer us ongoing support.

Thanks to you and your “Help For Hormones” support team who have shown their concern and continued support."

Carol Barrie - ON

"What a relief to know It’s Not All In My Head! I have heard this from so many women after our church hosted Jackie Harvey’s “Let’s Talk About Hormones” seminar. As a pastor’s wife and women’s ministry leader, I highly recommend her clear and straightforward approach to dealing with these vital issues we face everyday. I left the seminar with hope for practical solutions to many physical challenges I’ve faced over the years. I have known for years that something was wrong, but no one ever led me in this direction of balancing hormones. I look forward to completing a saliva test , starting the regimen suggested and seeing results.

Thanks again Jackie, for taking time with me today. It means so much to have someone advocate for me in this area of my physical health."

Kelleen Little - Director of Women’s Ministries - Crossover Church - Mead, WA

Jackie Harvey is an International speaker, radio program host, seminar leader, business trainer, and a mother of seven.

She works in partnership with nurses, medical doctors and health care practitioners. Jackie is committed to making a positive change in people’s lives.

Jackie is a women and men's natural health advocate specializing in hormonal health.

Thousands of women and men have benefited from hearing her life-changing message through her live "Let's Talk About Hormones" seminars and informative DVD.


"Taking a saliva test was one of the best things that I have ever done. I suspected that my hormones were out of balance and the saliva test proved it and gave me the information I needed to rebalance my hormone levels. The Consultant who followed up with me was excellent!"
Debbie in FL

"I hadn’t heard of saliva tests until I watched the Hormone DVD. The symptoms talked about suggested that I needed to test first before starting a program. I am so glad I did as the test did reveal a hormone imbalance. The consultant who followed up with me helped me with a program and I now feel great! Sleeping through the night!! "
Janice in CO

"I love saliva testing because this is something that I can do myself and use to monitor my hormones for the rest of my life. The Consultant who followed up with me gave me all the information I requested and more. "
Charlotte in TX