THE source for all your saliva testing needs
THE source for all your saliva testing needs
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Answers to Common Saliva Testing Questions

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What Is Saliva Testing?
Research has determined that saliva is the most accurate diagnostic medium to measure the free or "unbound" biologically active fraction of steroid hormones (estrogen, progesterone), etc. in the bloodstream. The World Health Organization has designated saliva testing as an accurate method for testing hormones. It is more precise and much more reliable than taking a blood test.

Why Saliva Instead Of Blood?

  • Saliva is stable without refrigeration.
  • Saliva testing is easy and can be done with timing in mind. Hormones are highest in the morning and at certain times in our cycle. It is appropriate to test when we think the hormones should be high. .
  • Saliva contains unbound or active hormones. It is the unbound hormone that is available to the hormone receptors. Knowing how much is available is important.
  • Remember a hormone imbalance is not all in your head. It is revealed by a Saliva Test.

What Will A Saliva Test Tell Me?

  • Helps identify "estrogen dominance" with the associated low progesterone which may be the cause of your symptoms.
  • Reveals a hormone imbalance when progesterone levels fall and estrogen levels either stay the same or rise. Aa hormone imbalance is due to inappropriate fluctuations in our hormone levels.

This fluctuation of hormones can produce minor or major health consequences. Annoying symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats or mood swings are seen in both men and women who have hormone imbalances. In women Breast Cancer, Ovarian Cancer and Cervical Cancer are more serious results from a hormone imbalance. In men, hormone imbalances result in prostate cancer, low libido, and loss of muscle mass.

Which Test Kit Should I Take?
When you order a test kit from, we will automatically contact you to provide a FREE REVIEW of your test results.

We recommend the 5 panel test kit as the best choice for most people. Here are some specific situations to consider:

  • Women who are breast cancer survivors test hormone levels with a 5 panel test. Using this test Dr. Zava has put a profile together which reveals the hormone levels of those with breast cancer.
  • Women with concerns about osteoporosis test with a 3 panel test.
  • Young women in their teens, 20's and 30's test to determine regular ovulation and progesterone output and to determine osteoporosis risk. Test 3 or 5 panel test.
  • Stress can contribute to hormonal imbalance. Men and women should both use a 5 panel test if stress is an issue.
  • Perimenopausal and menopausal women test before restoring hormone levels 3 or 5 panel test.
  • Before beginning a hormone-balancing program, know your correct hormone levels.
  • Men with testosterone or prostate concerns should test with a 3 or 5 panel test.

What Are The Benefits of In-Home Saliva Testing?

  1. Its Easy - No Needles.
  2. It's Painless, Non-Invasive, Simple and Convenient.
  3. Your Saliva is tested using the most up to date methods.
  4. Testing is conducted using Enzyme Immune Assay (EIA)
  5. This sensitive testing insures very accurate results.

How Do I Receive The Test Kit?
The specimen in-home collection kit is sent by U.S. Mail to your home. Your test kit contains a small brochure that will provide general information. Included is a pre-paid return mailer box, four sample tubes, directions, guideline questionnaire, and instructions for collection.

Where Do I Send The Completed Saliva Test?
Simply return the pre-addressed, prepaid mailer box to the Lab.

How Do I Get The Test Results?
Results are emailed directly to you with a detailed explanation of the results and their meaning. You should receive your test results within 7-10 working days.

What Is the Next Step After The Saliva Test?
We highly recommend beginning a natural supplement program to support your body's hormone production.

Our Team at can assist in reviewing the saliva test results with you on the telephone and help guide you through next steps.

Resolution Of Hormone Imbalances Require 5 Things:

  1. An optimal nutrition program
  2. A complete natural supplement program
  3. A sensible exercise program daily
  4. Bio-identical hormones when a deficiency is revealed by the saliva test
  5. Annual saliva testing to observe and maintain adequate hormone levels for life

NOW is the time to take control... Hormone balance Is essential for all women AND men!

With the information you'll receive from your Personalized In-Home Saliva Test, you'll know whether or not your hormones are in balance. Our In-Home Saliva Test allows you to monitor your own health in the privacy of your own home, without paying for doctor's visits or expensive laboratory fees. Testing is safe and easy to do.

If your results show that your hormone levels are not in balance, you can then work with your personal health care provider or one of our consultants to develop a safe and proactive plan for balancing your hormones.

Your Hormone Health is Important. Begin Today!

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