Hormone health for a man is just as important as it is for a woman. Men experience a drop in hormones just like women only often it happens later in life and more slowly.  A man’s hormone shift has been called Andropause and can affect different men in different ways and to different degrees.

At Andropause, hormone levels go out of balance.  Testosterone levels begin to decline and at the same time estrogen levels climb.  Progesterone, a balancing hormone to estrogen, is often low, particularly if stress has become a part of the man’s life. 

An imbalance between these three hormones can be detected with a simple Saliva test usually not available from a physician.  Saliva testing reveals the amount of unbound or “bio-available” hormones in the body.  This provides an accurate measurement which is useful when considering a hormone balancing program.

Not all men will need additional testosterone nor should all men consider that as a panacea…particularly men under 60.  Restoring hormone levels naturally to optimum for most men will include:

  • Lowering estrogen levels through diet changes and exercise and consuming more cruciferous veggies and perhaps supplementing with a indoles.
  • Increasing progesterone levels if warranted after taking a saliva test.
  • Increasing testosterone levels through exercise and diet – perhaps supplementing with supplements such as: L Arginine and ellagic acid.

Foods that help with hormone balance include cruciferous vegetables for Indole 3 Carbinols, tomatoes for Lycopene and Pumpkin Seeds for added zinc.

What will Hormone Balance do for a Man?

  • Improve and elevate mood
  • Improve cardiovascular system
  • Improve energy level
  • Improve sexual desire and performance
  • Improve muscle tone
  • Increase stamina

Do You Know the Problem with Most Men’s Hormone Programs?

Most Programs only elevate Testosterone and do not address the issue of elevated estrogen and low progesterone.

Taking a Saliva Test to determine hormone levels of all three hormones and beginning a program to balance your hormones is the right thing for every man to do.

Learn more about andropause: http://www.andropausesociety.org/

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